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Natural Vintage
People who enjoy pleasure in the natural and vintage have a good sense. Nature inspires you, soothing your mind, body and soul. The rough texture is unformal and free. Escape into the comforts of natural vintage.

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A city of winter
A city of winter is timeless. The modernist in the grey city is always looking forward. The charming point of this simple city attracts them. Modern and chic white and grey are always their favorite choices.

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Indian summer
An Indian summer is a heat wave that occurs in the autumn. Feel the red, orange and warm brown season remembering old memories of short burning love in the autumn.

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Observing the esthetic of moderation
When the wallpaper in various colors even which design is complex in a space which has many deco elements, that will be just a spaceas nothing. It is necessary to arrange the space with wallpaper with restrained beauty such as emphatic pattern with simple lines, the pattern wearing one color with clear chrome, the pattern made of simple material, etc.

Made In Korea

1 roll = 1,06m x 15,60m = 16,53 m2 

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