Imagination is a creative power that is necessary for inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a building , painting a picture or writing a book. The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievment of sucess in any field. What we imagine with faith and feelings comes into being. It is the power beyond creative visualization, positive thinking and affirmation.

To get a thorough understanding of oneself needs self appreciation. Whether you liken yourself to a towering tree or a blade of grass, whether you think you are a high mountain or a small stone, you represent a state of nature that has its own raison detre. If you earnestly admire yourself you’ll have a  real sense of self appreciation, which will give you confidence.

It can change the style and atmosphere easily, and make the space becomes rich vivid. The wallpaper has strong decorative effect and creates a healthy, comfortable and cozy living atmosphere.



The wallpaper in this collection has the craft aesthetic and personality fashion style which combined with the originality of the designer and the creation of the craftsman.

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