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Saturday, 23 June 2018
RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper
A strange yet peaceful and aromatic trip starts with the soft vibrating sounds that peek through time. It's atrip to return to the fundamentals, to find new ideas away from the current economic strunggles that surround the world the natural disasters due to global warming and the modern society that suffers with static atmospher. The fast pace of expansion and new creation of mash-up that combines almost everything has become the reality.

RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper  RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper
Sometimes living a common and monotonous life may have its own beauty.
For an interior that brings a sense of comfort and leisure we suggest a space design with a natural and comfortable simplistic feel to it free from figures and patterns.

RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper   RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper  RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper
The best with a feeling of a cold and hard mineral suggests a modern and simple life competing against and defeating our complicated and inertia-plagued modern lives.

RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper  RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper  RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper
Romantic color patterns give a comfortable, quiet and romantic sense that is perfectly styled to the modern taste of refinement. The best has the touch of soft delicate velvet ike the train of a dress that gives a fine, soft and warm feeling that is music yo your fingertrips.

RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper   RHAPSODY Korea Wallpaper
Naturalistic materials in harmony and contained the philosophy of emptiness, the aesthetics of harmony and the praise of nature in each design of wallpaper.